Center for Education Development Foundation is an ISO Certified Training Foundation , Registered under MSME, Govt. of India formed by School Principals to revolutionize global education as a medium to empower educators of the country.

School Network initiative- Global Talk Education Foundation is basically a training and assessment unit working with School Education leaders since 2014 connected with more than 9480+ school leaders from India and connected with 30 countries globally. The Foundation has conducted more than 3450+ sessions for school teachers and leaders as empowerment programmers in the form of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

The Foundation is delighted to connect with the National institute of Education Maldives last year to have educational initiatives and it will be our pleasure and honor to welcome the officials to join us as visionary in the world of Indian academics, learning and development. Raising a generation of world citizens who are emotionally healthy, environmentally conscious, risk taking and independent thinking individuals is extremely important in these chaotic times of virtual distractions, indolently obsessive behavioral issues, mounting emotional upheavals and fragility of mind.

Assessing the outgrowing needs for the education industry, we decided on setting up this forum which has now successfully blossomed into an organization that is setting a large number of stakeholders of education by providing a national platform for training, educational advisory, counseling and guidance services globally.

Global Foundation is an endeavor of like minded professionals / School Leaders / Directors work relentlessly to enrich school environment and redefine the national guidelines for a better future of our empowered children.